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Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol Management offered in Tyler and Lindale, TX

Cholesterol Management
About Cholesterol Management

In the right quantities, cholesterol is vital, but an excess can cause heart attacks and strokes. Tyler Internal Medicine Associates P.A. offers cholesterol management programs at their offices in Tyler and Lindale, Texas, to reduce your risk of these potentially life-threatening events. The experienced medical professionals can determine if your cholesterol is too high and help you reduce it to healthier levels. Call your nearest office to arrange a cholesterol management consultation, or book an appointment today by completing the online form.

Cholesterol Management Q & A

What is cholesterol management?

Cholesterol management is an ongoing program Tyler Internal Medicine Associates P.A. offers to help people keep their cholesterol levels healthy.

Unmanaged cholesterol is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease, including carotid artery disease (which can cause heart attacks) and peripheral vascular disease (which can cause strokes and lead to limb amputation).

Cholesterol management monitors your cholesterol levels and helps you avoid these potentially life-threatening health problems.

What adverse effects does cholesterol have on my health?

Cholesterol is a fat your body produces to help with essential functions like hormone production. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol has these beneficial uses, but low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol can be harmful. Problems arise if people regularly eat too much LDL cholesterol, causing an excess that the body can’t process.

The surplus cholesterol builds up in your blood, mixing with waste products like surplus calcium to form sticky plaque. The plaque attaches itself to your artery walls, gradually making them narrower. As a result, blood can’t flow in sufficient quantities to provide enough oxygen to your heart, brain, and other organs.

A complete blockage in an artery servicing your heart can trigger a heart attack, while blocked carotid arteries are a leading cause of strokes.

How do I get started with cholesterol management?

High cholesterol is most commonly due to an unhealthy diet high in animal fats. Therefore, making dietary changes is essential for effective cholesterol management. Your Tyler Internal Medicine Associates P.A. provider offers evidence-based advice on the changes you should make, such as cutting out full-fat dairy and red meat.

They also check your cholesterol and blood pressure levels regularly. Cholesterol tests require lab analysis of a blood sample. Checking your blood pressure is a simple in-office procedure using an inflatable cuff around your arm.

Losing weight (if required), reducing stress, reducing salt, and regularly exercising are also vital to cardiovascular system health. Your provider can help with all these actions, offering expert advice and support that significantly increases success rates.

Do I need medication to manage cholesterol?

Many patients do well by making the appropriate lifestyle changes and don’t require medication. However, if your cholesterol is dangerously high or lifestyle changes don’t lower it sufficiently, you might need medication.

Call Tyler Internal Medicine Associates P.A. to arrange a cholesterol management evaluation or book an appointment online today.